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Route 40 min – Maximum 2 people

No driver’s license required


Route 70 min – Maximum 2 people

No driver’s license required


Route 120 min – Maximum 2 people

No driver’s license required

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Jet Ski Sao Miguel

Welcome to our Jet Skis Sao Miguel rental division, a new concept of jet ski rental where you and the jet ski are the main protagonists. We offer you a space where you can enjoy a wide variety of jet skis and excursions. From the moment you arrive at our base you will be able to perceive the passion that we put in every detail, our knowledge of these equipments allows us to advise you and recommend you the watercraft that best suits your needs. If you have the necessary qualifications and you are one of those who like to go it alone, plan your own route and live your own time, our jet ski rental division offers the vehicle you need (Below you will find the rental requirements).

Furthermore, due to our business approach, we always place our bases in beautiful surroundings, so that you can enjoy the most interesting places nearby, and at the same time have all the services necessary to make your stay an experience. Your satisfaction will begin when you arrive at our bases, as you will have parking service, changing rooms and showers, lockers and towels, so that you are always perfect, also in some of our bases we offer wifi and shop service, where you can buy accessories to complete your activity (T-shirts, swimsuits, goggles, etc).

Our facilities are designed for the use and enjoyment of jet skis which will turn your sailing experience with us into something comfortable and pleasant, as we will take care of everything, so that you just worry about enjoying. With just one call to our Ponta Delgada jet ski base, you can manage your reservation with us, you just have to tell us what type of jet ski you want so we can recommend the best option for you, as each one offers unique features that will allow you to develop different types of navigation and use. Being official distributors allows us to renew all our jet skis every season, always making you enjoy new equipment that has the latest technology on the market, which will give you more power, greater reliability, comfort in use and above all much safety.

We offer our range of Honda, where you can find the watercraft that best suits your needs, offering several options in the type of power and capacity. In AzoresPuraVida you can choose between two models of jet ski, such as the Honda Aquatrax F12 that offers pure fun or the fantastic and versatile Honda Aquatrax R 12x, which we both use for our excursions in Ponta Delgada. AzoresPuraVida ensures you a unique and quality fun on the island of Sao Miguel.

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Our base of Jet Ski in Sao Miguel

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